Guaranteed cure for Blue Monday. #bluemonday #neworder #bluemondaybeer
The @steakandhonour beer fridge looks almost as good as their 🍔s. #bee
Bowie having a beer at Hansa Studios. Really want to see the ‘By the W
Happy hump day. #humpday #wednesdaybeers
Testing, testing. #strongstarttoThursday
Woody Guthrie’s New Years resolutions... we’re not sure about no. 7. #
Lovely bunch. #cufc
Down by the river. #cambridge #hometown #ourtown #granchestermeadows #
Local(ish) gin. Cheers @norfolk_gin #gandt
The kids know how to treat the big man. 🎅🏼 #santalovespaleale
Current mood. #nationallampoonschristmasvacation
How’s your Christmas drinks lineup looking? It’s not too late to grab
Did we mention that the best burger joint in town now serves the best
The albums we’ve enjoyed most this year. @courtneymelba & @kurtvile Go
Dear Norwich, get your hands on our cans at @abv_norwich NOW. #newstoc
Picked this up at the excellent @abv_norwich. If it tastes as good as
Hail the Ale! We’re slightly in love with this screen print by @telegr
Together at last... our beer is now on sale at the mighty @steakandhon
Wow what a year we’ve had! Cans, coffee, New York adventures, DJ sets

Now Brewing:

Pale Ale 5.5% ABV
Session Ale 4.3% ABV

Coming soon:

Double IPA (ABV TBC)

 was founded by two old friends. We met at school and after overcoming an initial dislike for each other, we've been the best of pals ever since. From the start, beer has been a constant in our friendship and over the past decade we've developed a shared love for the UK's burgeoning craft scene. Having tried enough to know what we like (and what we don't like) we set about bringing a slice of the craft revolution to our beloved hometown Cambridge.

Sourcing the finest ingredients from across the pond and driven by a desire to create something by hand, our aim is to produce an authentic range of American style craft beers for the thirsty people of Cambridge and beyond. We won't tell you how to drink our beer, or even what we think you should think it tastes like, but we do believe our brews are best enjoyed with Old Friends.

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