Pretty excited about Real Estate playing @cambridgejunction tonight. #
Tidy desk. Tidy mind.
What a man. #barrygibb #beegee #glastonbury #livinglegend
Fun times at the @novicambridge terrace opening tonight. A very nice n
If you like good coffee without the distraction of wifi, laptops, mobi
Cambridge cyclists in the 1920s.
@moderntoss on craft beer.
Plenty of beer in stock at the moment. Shout if you need #paleale or #
Perfect weather for the King. #kingtubby #sunshine #nowplaying
Great catch up with @abv_norwich yesterday. If you're in Norwich go fi
Saying goodbye to our trusty kit this morning. Moving on to a bigger b
Keef, Mick & Bob @196bar. #millroad #cocktails
@mikkellerbeer time. #friday #beer #wellearnedbeer
Nice little @honestbrew pop up shop in Old Street station at the momen
Now that's a drinking receptacle.
Camping. Fire. Beer.
It's officially summer. #brooklynsummerale
Great to see so many of our stockists, friends and favourite haunts fe
We have a favourite new bottle opener. #fusball #bottleopener

Now Brewing

American Inspired
Generously hopped
Made in Cambridge UK

Coming Spring 2016 —
Pale Ale 5.5% ABV

 was founded by two old friends. We met at school and after overcoming an initial dislike for each other, we've been the best of pals ever since. From the start, beer has been a constant in our friendship and over the past decade we've developed a shared love for the UK's burgeoning craft scene. Having tried enough to know what we like (and what we don't like) we set about bringing a slice of the craft revolution to our beloved hometown Cambridge.

Sourcing the finest ingredients from across the pond and driven by a desire to create something by hand, our aim is to produce an authentic range of American style craft beers for the thirsty people of Cambridge and beyond. We won't tell you how to drink our beer, or even what we think you should think it tastes like, but we do believe our brews are best enjoyed with Old Friends.

+44 (0) 7786 320 578
[email protected]
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